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Friendly and experienced legal representation from one of the most well-known, well-liked, and well-respected attorneys in the area. 

At the Law firm of McGetrick & Associates, we understand that behind every legal matter is a person with needs and emotions. We approach each case with the compassion and attention you deserve.

Michael McGetrick has been successfully representing his clients for over 30 years. He uses his extensive experience to develop creative solutions and negotiate resolutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to save you time, money, and stress!

Admitted in both Connecticut and New York, Michael will fight for your rights – whether you're seeking a personal injury lawyer, criminal defense, real estate, or probate attorney. Our office will provide you with friendly and personal service no matter what you are facing. 

We’re conveniently located across from the Danbury Superior Courthouse at 153 White Street, Danbury, CT. Call for an appointment today. 203-792-1028

Phone 203-792-1028

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Over Three Decades of Quality Legal Representation!



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If you've been injured, let McGetrick & Associates help you get the justice you deserve. Click to learn more.

Whether you need a residential closing, assistance with a short sale, or commercial real estate legal work, McGetrick & Associates has the experience you need. Click to learn more. 

Don't face criminal charges on your own. Allow McGetrick and Associates to eliminate penalties or mitigate consequences. Click to learn more.

The world of probate and estate planning law can be tricky and confusing. We can help! Click to learn more about our offerings and experience. 

Apply for an absolute pardon to clear your criminal record in CT. We can help!

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