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Real Estate Law

Our team has successfully handled over 8,000 closings. If you're in need of a real estate attorney, let our expert team guide you. As both an experienced attorney and a licensed real estate broker, you couldn't be in better hands. 

Office Building commericial real estate attorney, Attorney Michael McGetrick, Mike McGetrick Lawyer Danbury

Commercial real estate dealings are more complicated than residential ones. 

You'll want to hire and experienced real estate attorney to ensure that your rights, your investments, and your properties are protected. 

Whether you need assistance with a commercial property sale, lease, zoning and land use matter, or any other commercial real estate proceedings, we can help.

Our team has been working in real estate law for over three decades and can offer you the comprehensive legal advice and services you'll need for successful commercial real estate transactions. Contact us to learn more. 

Buying or selling a home is often a significant and substantial financial move. You can count on our experienced team to make sure it's also a good move for you!

We'll guide you through the process and make sure there aren't any surprises, issues or loopholes that leave you at risk. 

Our extensive experience means we can think and plan several steps ahead, making the legal component of your real estate transaction as smooth, easy, and painless as possible. 

Contact us to learn more. 


Home residential real estate attorney Michael McGetrick, Mike McGetrick Lawyer Danbury
Garage Construction short sale attorney Michael McGetrick, Mike McGetrick Lawyer Danbury

Is your mortgage "underwater" (meaning you owe more on your mortgage than your property is now worth)?

A short sale can often be a way out for homeowners to "cut their losses" on their home and avoid further financial issues. 

It's a way of working towards rebuilding your credit faster, and can even provide you with relocation fees to move. 

However, it can be a tricky process to negotiate with your lender and it doesn't always mean that you'll be absolved of the remaining loan amount. You'll want an experienced real estate attorney to advocate for you and protect your interests. 

We can help. Contact us to learn more. 


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